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Search Engine Facts:

To grow your e-business and stay ahead of your competition, you need top rankings in Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN and other major search engines.

When people do a search for your keywords in your industry, your site should always appear on the first page of the search engine results.

At Top of the First Page, we are committed to making your site an internet traffic magnet. Our professional SEO specialists will improve your ranking using ethical and organic website promotion and website optimization services.


"I want to thank you for the outstanding work you and your team have done to obtain high search engine rankings for our company. Our company serves clients on a global scale and now attracts visitors and sales like never before. Within weeks we were competing for placement atop the search engines. We witnessed superior customer service and an outstanding commitment to quality & service. Most importantly, BDI with be our #1 source of new business leads through the Internet. The bottom line is that we not only saw a significant increase in traffic to our site, but an increase in sales as well." - Ken Terrill - American Mortgage Professionals Inc.

Use our search engine marketing experience to achieve first page rankings on the major search engines!

Google Yahoo Bing
Alexa AOL Lycos
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 Search Engine Optimization for all of the major search engines
We offer cutting-edge online marketing and search engine optimization technology! Let our team of professional marketers and web developers take your company in to the next level Are you ready to skyrocket your business earnings? Everyone knows that if you are going to run a corporation or small business in the new millennium, maintaining an active online presence is absolutely essential. However, many people aren’t aware just how crucial search engine marketing can be to the success of a website. That’s where we come in! As a dedicated search engine optimization firm, we are going to put YOUR website on the top of major search engines on the web. This means that millions of potential customers around the world are going to be exposed to your product or service, resulting in more traffic and greater revenue for your business!

Professional Search Engine Optimization Services...

We are a dedicated team of web developers, marketers, designers, and customer care professionals! We use a proprietary SEO process to get your business to the top of major search engines. You can count on our staff to go the extra mile to meet the changing needs of your business!

More Cost-Effective than Pay Per Click Advertising….

Many businesses attempt to boost their online presence with pay per click (PPC) advertising. However, there are some inherent drawbacks that business owners should be made ware of. Since you are being charged on a “per click” basis, your bill goes higher the more business you receive. Because we charge a flat rate for search engine optimization, you can receive more traffic and higher revenue without having to deal with an ever-expanding advertising bill. Studies have also shown the search engine users have a strong preference for real, organic search results over paid advertisements. Many searchers treat sponsored links (PPC ads) the same way they do banner ads and pop-ups; they don’t click them! We provide targeted results geared to bring potential customers to your business. When individuals are searching online for your product our service, it is our job to ensure they see YOUR website first, and not the competition!

Your competitors are using SEO...

Can you afford not to use it too? Many large corporations even hire in-house SEO teams to build and maintain web traffic. We offer an economical, results-oriented alternative. SEO is the future of online marketing and a necessary part of advertising if you are to stay ahead of competing businesses. Our custom marketing packages will help you achieve the targeted results your business needs to flourish! We’ll stay up-to-date with the changing demands of the online marketing industry so that you don’t have to!

Revolutionary new SEO Optimization gives you the best of both worlds!

We’ve found a way to give you every advantage of SEO without the risks, because we do no work at all on your site, so you never give out your FTP information or password and there’s never a change to your home page. Instead, we build a campaign web site with a new url that has all of the keyword fresh content and links that are necessary in order for the campaign site to work its way up to page 1. We then link each navigation tab of the campaign site to your original site so when a prospect clicks on the campaign site, they’re on the home page that we designed that has the general look and feel of your site. If the prospect clicks on the navigation tabs, they end up on your original site. Either way, you’re receiving increased exposure and both sites are tracked for first page placement on the major search engines such as google, yahoo and bing as well as other secondary search engines. The guarantee we provide is for the rankings on the campaign web site. Having both a campaign web site and your original web site means that both of these sites could be on page 1, giving you even more exposure! So you get the benefit of the use of the campaign web site for the term of your campaign, reporting on both web sites and no change to your original web site, and the potential for double exposure on page 1. That’s revolutionary!

Be a featured site on page 1 of the major Search Engines!

In order to count as a first page placement, the campaign web site must rank on page 1 for that week’s report, which you can access 24/7 by using your user name and password. When we say we feature your site on page 1, of course you must recognize that there are a minimum of 10 sites featured on page 1 in the natural listing section, and sometimes considerably more depending on the settings of choice by the user. We try our best to only feature one site of our clients at a time to give that campaign site the opportunity to rise to page 1, but ultimately for any key phrase, we limit ourselves to 10 since in general there are only 10 spaces on the first page for a natural listing.

Here are some of the tools to help get you started

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Not sure what keyword to use? Use this tool to find the best keyword for you.
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 Validation Tool Website Validation
Does your website meet current web standards? Find out here if Search Engines think you're up to date!
 Back Link Check Link Popularity
How many people do you have linking to your site? This tool will search the web and count it for you.

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